Covid-19. Local Facebook group

Dear neighbours,

We have had many texts and phone calls from people who either need help, or are happy to help others. We hope we have helped in some way, however it is clear that many people still want to feel part of a ‘community’ and are missing social interaction.

We have set up a Facebook Group for Curbridge and Lew Residents who wish to meet and chat to others online, share experiences and help each other during this challenging time. It is also a place to share good news and put a smile on each other’s faces. The only group rule is that we be kind to each other, after all, we are all in it together.

Please find the Facebook Group here:  or just search “CurbridgeandLew” on Facebook and it should come up.

Thanks to Curbridge and Lew Parish Council for sharing this, and please adhere to government guidelines regarding Corona virus at all times.

Best wishes,

Tony, Angela, Rachel, Rob, Lorenc, Alison